A Plea for the Preservation of Choice

An open letter to event organizers, business owners, and community leaders


Our collective hearts are hurting. Now more than ever, communities are leaning on your leadership to provide places of safety. We are all exhausted by living in “unprecedented times”, and we are all yearning for a sense of normalcy, stability, and a return to activities that bring joy both personally and interpersonally. You likely feel a strong sense of responsibility to create policies that foster collective safety, both physically and emotionally.

Perhaps the most significant policy consideration these days involves blanket mandates of covid “vaccines”. There is extremely strong social and governmental pressure to require these mandates. However, I urge you to consider some of the hidden ramifications of adopting such a policy, as it is a much more complex issue than media soundbytes would lead us to believe.

While requiring these shots for attendance at your event,...

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