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Created by Resilience Artist founder Dr. Satya, this process has been called a 'unified field theory for healing'.
Learn exactly how to activate self-healing so you can quit relying so heavily on crutches to 'get you through' and instead build resilience and stability from the inside out. Because the more resilient you become, the greater your impact.
It's time to live your best unf*ckwithable life and express your unique magic with ease! 

Struggling with anxiety, chronic pain, or just feel like you're pushing a ship through mud?

You're here to live a remarkable life, and your body is designed to heal itself. Let's work together to identify any bottlenecks to your fullest expression of potential and create a strategic plan to accelerate your evolution - so you can do more magic without relying on outside in crutches, and get back to living your best life.

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Ready to level up your ability as a healer? Every provider needs to understand the impact of trauma.

Get the insight, strategies, and tools you need to fulfill your deeply purpose-driven impact as a healthcare provider and level up your business. 

Train with Dr. Satya to deepen your understanding of true trauma-informed care and synthesize your unique skillset to deliver consistent, lasting results... and build a practice that fills your cup (not drains it).

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Looking for an educational and inspirational speaker for your upcoming event?

From healing service professionals to personal development enthusiasts, your audience will come away from Dr. Satya's presentation full of hope, inspiration, and tangible strategies to improve their quality of life and fullest expression of human potential.

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Resilience Artist founder Dr. Satya Sardonicus is a teacher, coach, and professional speaker on a mission to help purpose-driven changemakers more powerfully express their magic in the world. This means restoring resilience, optimizing health from the inside-out, and amplifying creative productivity so you can create the life you love.  

Dr. Satya brings a unique perspective of the healing process; her deeply personal experience with trauma and chronic illness inspired her to innovate treatment strategies and programs that promote sustainable healing and less reliance on outside providers. Her multidisciplinary framework for facilitating therapeutic change has been referred to as a “unified field theory” to provide sustainable, transformative, trauma-informed care across all techniques.


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