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Dr. Satya Sardonicus is a teacher, clinician, coach, and professional speaker, and the founder of Chrysalis Studio PDX in Portland, Oregon where she specializes in sensory processing, chronic stress, and trauma. Dr. Satya also serves as an adjunct professor and clinical supervisor for Palmer College of Chiropractic and University of Western States, and as a guest lecturer for courses in Pediatrics and Clinical Neurology at University of Western States.

Dr. Satya brings a unique perspective of the healing process; her deeply personal experience with trauma and chronic illness inspired her to innovate treatment strategies and programs that promote sustainable healing and less reliance on outside providers. Her multidisciplinary framework for facilitating therapeutic change has been referred to as a “unified field theory” to provide sustainable, transformative, trauma-informed care across all techniques.

what others are saying

Dr. Satya is one of the most motivated and brilliant women in our profession. She successfully blends elements of research on anatomy + neurology, clinical experience, and personal experience in a way that brought power and immediate applicability to the material covered.

Amy Haas, PhD, DC

Dr. Satya Sardonicus has a wonderful ability to turn complex neurologically-based matters into not only easy to understand but also highly applicable tools for chiropractors in practice.
A wonderful presenter and educator. Her personal story of overcoming challenges by utilising what she teaches is truly inspiring.


Dr. Billy Chow, Vice Pres. Australian Spinal Research Foundation

Dr. Satya’s presentations are clear, dynamic and rich with unique content and insight. As a practicing Chiropractor for 25 years and former president of the New Hampshire State Chiropractic Society I heartily endorse her seminars + workshops.

William Haffenreffer, DC

Dr. Satya is a deeply sensitive individual, able to tune in to what is happening in her patient's body in a way I've rarely experienced. Her clinical competence is remarkable, and deeply informs her teaching style. She is so full of useful information that it practically seeps out of her pores, and her thoughtful intelligence permeates everything she passes on to her students. It's really easy to feel confident doing what she teaches, because it's easy to trust that she has done the research.


Sam Zoranovich, CST, DC

I walked out of the Resilience Reset workshop feeling personally and professionally inspired...AND with my body feeling so much better than when I arrived! 


Kelley Burke, LMT

Dr. Sardonicus has a gift for seeing beyond the obvious exterior of things, which reveals great intuition. Thank you for sharing your passion about life, about health and about helping other people. Actually, helping people help themselves...I think that's the important difference between her and other doctors I've been to. She's really good at helping me to think about things from another angle, which has been of immense benefit to me.


- Johanna Hilton, CNM