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Hey, I'm Dr. Satya.

Led by a vitalistic philosophy and driven by science, I help stressed out purpose-driven changemakers heal from stored trauma and activate self-healing

This means restoring resilience, optimizing health from the inside-out, and amplifying creative productivity to ultimately create the life you love from a place of ease and joy (without worrying about your health).

With over a decade in clinical practice, I've helped countless clients heal far faster and more fully than they previously thought possible (even gaining function beyond what they recognized to be a problem). My work has been called "a unified field theory" for health, bridging the gap between science and spirit.

​I bring a unique perspective to the healing process from my own experience with mysterious chronic illness, multiple traumatic brain injuries, and cancer.

At the heart of what I do is my love of human potential. We are each a unique spark with important work to do as we care for ourselves, our families, and our local + global communities. I recognize that trauma is universal, and varies only by degree and circumstance. The people who not only survive but THRIVE are those who have the greatest resources to move through. 

Ultimately, my mission is to help you move forward faster: accelerating your healing and evolution process safely, effectively, and sustainably.


For a person to be able to help you move that energy and ground you...for me, it has made a profound difference. Dr. Satya just changed everything for me. I feel a better sense of balance, both in my body and emotionally. I have more energy, less pain, and my mood has improved. The biggest impact has been my resilience: as I've hit the various stress points in my life,  it has been easier from the work we have done together.


Deva V
mama of 3

Dr. Satya took me from struggling, miserable, depressed, and wondering if I would have to give up my dreams of being a teacher and a mom. I was in so much pain and so miserable, I didn’t have very high hopes for the rest of my life. I am so, so thankful every day that I took that chance to work with Dr. Satya.

Because of everything she taught me, my entire life has changed. I’m thriving teaching full time. All my pains are incredibly less. I’m no longer depressed. I have even had enough energy to add a new title to my life: single foster mom! Because of Dr. Satya, not only has my life changed dramatically, but in just a few short years, she has helped me change the lives of so many others: students, foster kids, and friends and family that I wouldn’t have had as much energy for without everything she has done. I’m so thankful for her impact in my life.

Kelli B
early childhood educator

There aren’t enough words in the English language, enough years left in this universe, to explain how much Dr. Satya has given me. I listen to my body now. When I’m sick I don’t turn to pills, I look at myself: my diet, my habits, my way of living. She brought me so much peace during a time in my life that was so hectic.  

Most importantly, she helped me love myself. Dr. Satya taught me a better way of living my life. And those ripples will never stop spreading.
Because everything that I have learned from her, I will pass that on to my friends, my family, and my kids someday, when I have them.

Alex S
dancer + engineering student

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