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    Get Better Results Using the NeuroFascial Interface to Fix Sympathetic Dominance

  • How to Create Your Dream Practice (that fills your cup instead of draining it)

  • Discover the brain injury that affects 1 in 4 patients (and how to change their lives)

  • 5 Steps to an Endless Stream of Referrals (without slimy marketing tactics)

  • Free your own body from stress + stored trauma (reclaim your unf*ckwithability!)


Hi, I'm Dr. Satya


I'm on a mission to help purpose-driven changemakers more powerfully express their unique magic in the world. It all starts with helping you step into your power as a healer. This means having the tools to confidently and CONSISTENTLY help your patients activate their body's innate self-healing and self-regulating ability. 

Between being a deeply sensitive person and suffering multiple major traumas, I was never going to be able to go into clinical practice the same as my peers. 

When a health crisis meant most healthcare providers left me worse off, I refused to limit myself and instead created a new approach to ALL types of therapeutic input, taking into account how trauma changes the nervous system and entire body at a cellular and energetic level.  

This work would never fit in the traditional business model of most clinics, so I went on to adapt an elevated boutique practice that fills your cup instead of draining it. 

When it comes to patient care AND business, I stand for choose-your-own-adventure guides over cookie-cutter protocols. These are the most powerful tools I share with healthcare providers to cultivate true health for your patients, and curate a business model that resonates at every level.

When you combine the very best of your personal experience and professional resources into a unique practice centered around transformation (rather than selling services), your community will thank you - and keep you as busy as you want to be!