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YOU'RE READY TO REACH a whole new level of resilience: the fullest expression of YOU in the world.

It's time to finally heal.

As a healing strategy consultant and coach, I set out to do what doctors should do (and usually don't): focus on the whole person (rather than the tiny lens of their specialty). Because your healthcare shouldn't be a "throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks" approach ... nor should it be "take the battery out of the fire alarm and walk away".


You don't need another crutch to prop you up or push you through ... you need a strategic plan to restore and activate your body's own self-healing function so you can focus on creating and living your very best life without constantly managing nagging symptoms (or waiting for a  health crisis).

... that's where I come in. I'll help you figure out the root cause of why your body + brain are less than 100% and create a strategy to not only heal unresolved issues, but take you to the next level of fully expressing who you are in the world. Because there is no definition of "health" that's just about "no symptoms" ... it's about activating your highest quality of life, from the inside-out

Achieving optimal health is possible.

It's time to get on track with your sense of purpose, feel calm and resilient, with a cultivated high sensitivity (aka learning to recognize what your body needs when ... plus being able to feel all the richness of experience without pain derailing you or forcing you to hide away from full participation in life).



Stop wasting time and money on appointments, therapies and other crutches. Get a clear plan of action to activate your body’s self-healing function. You’ll learn the action steps for how to self-heal and self-regulate based on where you are at right now.


A Comprehensive Assessment of what's in the way:

  • STRUCTURAL  (functional movement, fascial fluidity, ergonomics)

  • NEUROLOGICAL  (brain balance and stress processing)

  • NUTRITIONAL  (dietary habits and supplementation)

  • ENERGETICS  (energetic system function | eastern medicine perspective)

Identification of Top 3 Roadblocks to healing and what's accessible to address.

Strategic Plan Outline to heal and optimize moving forward

  • Plan includes: root cause analysis, identified complicating factors, therapeutic steps to address (and in order)

  • Insight and resources for at-home care

  • Plus, recommendations for professional support (and when)

This Strategic Stress Audit is the most comprehensive and individualized care plan available. Finally, no more conflicting advice and information from doctors. After submitting your Q+A history, you will receive a link to schedule your live video assessment.


The following week, you will meet with Dr. Satya via zoom video call for a consultation to get your personalized plan to heal existing symptoms, identify where your body is struggling under the surface, and optimize your health from the inside out (includes recording + pdf report).


Ready to finally have a plan?

Improved Resilience

Mental Clarity

Ease in Your Body


I’m learning to LIVE again in so many beautiful ways. Dr. Satya has given me hope, strength, and answers to health challenges I’ve struggled with for years. I have less pain, better clarity, anxiety is totally resolved, and I finally have answers for why my health was dysfunctioning. I’ve gained this sense of freedom and relief from finally not wondering what’s wrong with me anymore. I can experience life with more activity, better functioning, feeling stronger, and better equipped to heal. Dr. Satya has opened new doors to healing for me in ways I never imagined.

Nithasha Koukoumanos

VP, Nano-Ojas Immunity

I’m in tune with my body in a whole new way. I have tools to live a better life, in all honesty. With Dr. Satya's support, I feel like my whole self is being treated and not just physical symptoms. I've been on an unexpected journey to discover what it means to be living life and happy, and now I feel like I'm headed in a better direction as a whole person. I have potential to be a healthy individual who gets to experience everything there is in life... and that makes me feel lucky that we ended up finding Dr. Satya!

Abigail Brown

mama + homemaker

I had suffered from near constant migraines, severe neck pain, vertigo, tremors, and tinnitus. Over the last few years, I saw countless doctors and specialists. Dr. Satya has been a godsend! Her accurate diagnosis finally gave me the explanation for my suffering! Since working with her, my life has changed dramatically. I sleep better, am more resilient when life is stressful, and am able to focus better at work. Dr. Satya has taught me how to lead a better life, and I'm now a happier person because of her care! She is a very special person who came into my life at just the right time to help me in so many ways. I am thankful every day for her care.

Lynn Brooks

business technology consultant


Living the Fullest Expression of Who You Are in the World.


On track with your sense of purpose

Calm, resilient, expansive, creative, unf*ckwithable


Cultivated high sensitivity as your superpower so you can feel more and experience the richness of life


Equipped with tools to handle the inevitable painful lows, so you don't have to numb from the remarkable highs of connection and love and joy!




To stop living in a default baseline of on-edge, buzzy, and anxious, the first step is to get back to your healthy default baseline of rest-digest-heal-connect mode.


innate intelligence

Learn how to support the brain's natural ability to heal unresolved stored trauma and tension patterns in your body.


stored tension

Actively use your own hands and the hands of providers to do the synergistic "partner dance" of opening and resolving the places that bind you.


expression of purpose

When your body is freely open to move fluidly, your truest nature will effortlessly shine brightest ... you feel more connected with the "Tao" - the "flow" of universal intelligence. THIS is where the magic happens, and life becomes more expansive and full of possibilities than you could ever predict.

These steps happen more gracefully with outside support from someone who has walked this path ... AND with whom you can resonate. ​Ideally, you work with someone who is practiced at being able to resonate with others, who knows how to partner dance! :)


I was already an incredibly sensitive child, and multiple head injuries later... plus intentionally becoming more sensitive through professional training… plus thousands of hours of partner dancing and a decade of chiropractic practice focused on adjusting deeply traumatized people safely… This. Is. My. Jam. I am really good at navigating the places that bind us, at seeing everything that’s stuck and/or in the way… AND most importantly, being able to see what is the next accessible piece to release safely and in a way that up-spirals the healing process. 

"YOUR UNSTOPPABLE LIFE": A 4-Month Healing Journey

Accelerate the body's natural healing process the RIGHT WAY (without force)

Learn to read your body's language and move with your FLOW

Re-train your brain's baseline from Stress Mode to Rest-Digest-Connect Mode


Cultivate your high sensitivity as a SUPERPOWER (aka learn tools to handle painful experiences without going numb or shutting down / crashing)


Learn how to UNWIND stored tension safely, effectively, and permanently 


Strategic Stress Audit to create your personalized game plan

  • Plan includes: root cause analysis, identified complicating factors, therapeutic steps to address (and in order)

  • Insight and resources for at-home care

  • Plus, recommendations for professional support (and when)


Private Coaching Sessions

  • Personalized Fascial Flow Method™ At-Home System

    • Guided Structural and Energetic Bodywork​

    • Guided Movement Therapy

    • Ergonomic and Nutritional Support

  • 3 Assessment Evaluations

  • Integration Tech for Success

  • Zoom video calls 3x/month (one rest week for integration)

  • Video messaging & email support between Zoom calls

Lifetime access to the Fascial Flow Method™ online training (the foundation for our work together)

  • Video reference library of all FFM Exercises and Fascial Releases

  • Guided audio visualizations to automatically unwind stored tension
  • Bonus brain-nourishing recipes from Dr. Satya's upcoming cookbook

By the end of our 4 months together, you will learn how to live in harmony with your body and its specific needs. You'll learn how to work in partnership with the innate self-healing and self-regulating capabilities of your body. And you will be equipped to finally address the root cause of stored tension patterns in your body.

Note: The Fascial Flow Method™ online course is a prerequisite that gets you ready for the heavy lifting, then our work will be like having me by your side helping you to get out of the muddy depths so you don't have to keep pushing alone. 

Ready to take your healing to the next level?

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I feel more connected with myself, which means I'm no longer feeling out of control. I'm more centered and peaceful, and have more awareness in my body. I also have less discomfort, better posture, and less illness and allergies. Working with Dr. Satya has completely improved my health and truly benefited my entire outlook on life. Instead of being stressed and fighting, my whole family is happier and healthier thanks to her support and care.

Jessa Kellogg

scuba instructor trainer

Before I met Dr. Satya, I always felt like there was something “wrong” with me or my body. After learning how the body can affect everything from mood to klutziness to general health and emotional wellness, I feel like I have a much better understanding of how I function and what I can do to help myself thrive. But more than that, I don’t feel like something is wrong with me anymore, I just look to the source of what might be causing an imbalance and then do something thoughtful to gently correct it. Personally, I admire Dr. Satya's energy and resilience and especially her resolve to thrive no matter what. She is bursting with life!

Amanda Sloane

body-based voice coach

I call this the "Save My Life Center" ! Dr. Satya is not only a talented and gifted doctor, she is also deeply caring and committed to the well-being of her clients. She addresses all aspects of health: physical, emotional, and spiritual. I have felt nurtured and empowered by her gifts of healing. There is something very special happening here, and it goes beyond words. This is what true healing is all about. I am deeply grateful.

Lynne Butler

real estate agent + gardener

Dr. Satya has a gift for seeing beyond the obvious exterior of things, which reveals great intuition. Thank you for sharing your passion about life, about health and about helping other people. Actually, helping people help themselves...I think that's the important difference between her and other doctors I've been to. She's really good at helping me to think about things from another angle, which has been of immense benefit to me.

Johanna Macaulay

NICU nurse

Before finding Dr. Satya, my life as I had known it no longer existed. My days consisted of all I couldn't do: symptoms would flare and I had extreme pain doing anything more than walk, talk, sit, stand, and eat. I was told I was 100% permanently disabled with a progressive in jury that would only get worse.

Dr. Satya is very gifted: she is intuitive and skilled in many different techniques, beyond all the other doctors I've seen. She has given me hope and helped me to gain more improvement in one month than in the previous seventeen months.

I am truly blessed to have found her. To have such a wide range of skills and talent at such a young age is a rare gift indeed. 

Joanne Johnson

retired educator

Dr. Satya has been an invaluable resource, doctor, and friend to my family and I over the past several years. She has guided and helped us all become healthier versions of ourselves. I worked with her prior to, during, and after my pregnancy and have found it to be one of the best decisions I have ever made for my health.

Jennifer Coffin

promotional product consultant

Ready to take your healing to the next level? Let's go!

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