Get access to the Stress Less, Live More free training to boost happiness, productivity, and unf*ckwithability

Free Your Body From Stress + Stored Trauma, In Less Than 8 Minutes A Day.

The #1 thing you must do in order to move freely and for healing to be effective 

Why working with providers like chiropractic, massage, physiotherapy can actually re-trigger issues that leave you worse than you started

Unlock the 3 layers to release so you can experience more effective and longer-lasting results


My mission is to help purpose-driven changemakers more powerfully express their magic in the world. With a background in chiropractic, neurology, yoga, dance, and holistic nutrition, I want to teach you how to create calm and boost your energy without needing to slow down or practice meditation for hours a day.



You can apply this in just a few minutes a day and start to see results. I can’t wait to see you in the training!

See what the others are saying...

It's never been so easy (and fun!) to biohack your happiness, productivity, and unf*ckwithability. Don't believe me? Check out what these members had to say!

Confidence... my confidence returned. My partner has said 'wow, you're just so animated', and that's who I am but I forgot... Now, I'm more engaged with people, I'm more vulnerable and I'm interested in opening up and sharing myself, and expressing myself without apology.

Raquel M.

Oh my goodness, even that one 30 sec trick you taught completely eliminated my nagging neck tension...I've spent countless $$$ and time getting massages only for the tension to keep returning. This training will keep saving me for a lifetime! This training is *so* worth the investment, thank you!!

Katie F.

Oh. My. God. Results. Last night and this morning, after doing that fascial release and the flow - it's subtle but profound - I had the most restful sleep I've had in ages. AGES. AGES! I woke up in the least-crankiest mood in ages!!!!! Was not expecting this result, but I'm very happily receiving it.

Marissa S.

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