Why I'm not interested in surviving

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2019

Since sharing that I have two tumors growing in my body, I have been bombarded with questions about how I plan to 'kill the cancer', 'fight cancer', and/or eliminate the tumors. I have been met with bewilderment when I share that I have no intention of letting someone cut me open to try and surgically remove these confused cells.

When faced with a health crisis, most doctors focus on how to help the patient survive. With cancer, traditional Western medicine (and even many holistic approaches) attempts to 'kill the cancer' or 'eliminate the tumor'. It's an emergency mode reaction that pays no attention to the processes that allowed this tumor (or tumors) to grow in the first place.

And honestly, I'm not here for that. I have no interest in chasing tumors and cancer cells - either with poisonous chemo or a surgeon's knife.

I also have no interest in simply "surviving". What kind of life is that?

Because this is about so much more than these confused cells growing and gnawing away at my body with pain.

And there is no definition of health that is simply about the absence of pain and symptoms. Health is a state of true thriving, of full expression of innate intelligence.

So what's my plan?

My plan is to thrive. My plan is to dive deeper into all the places where my body, mind, and spirit could be out of balance, and restore + nourish adaptability to stress (hello, the story of my life!)

Stay tuned for more details on my exact thinking and plan! With love,

With love,
Dr Satya


Satya Sardonicus, DC, CACCP
Champion of Human Potential
Creator | Fascial Flow Method™



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