Why chiropractic for pain management is the wrong thing

Uncategorized Dec 22, 2017

Most people think of chiropractors as "neck + back pain specialists"... 

What do you actually want to be doing as a chiropractor? Why did you join this profession in the first place?

You think that treating neck and back pain is the path to success as a chiropractor? It’s how most people already think about us, so at least people are already looking for our help with those problems… 

Except that treating pain is HARD.

 Pain is an emotion. It's an interpretation of nociception (and sometimes exists even in the absence of these alarm signals).

Now I’m not saying to ignore people’s pain…but if we stop to think about what chiropractic can really do, it’s really not about treating pain at all. It’s about FEELING (which sometimes means actually feeling the pain that is there). It’s about CONNECTION (between the brain + body, and even our ability to connect socially + spiritually). And it’s about OPTIMIZING THE EXPRESSION OF LIFE POTENTIAL.

OR maybe we could think about pain in a different way…while pain can sometimes have a musculoskeletal source (such as due to injury), what about the pain of disconnection? The pain of fear, of bracing, of expecting suffering? Of always being on edge and frazzled and grouchy and snappy with those you love?

So if your goal is to transform people’s lives, to optimize their expression of unique potential, what are you doing to make sure that happens? What measures are you using to track changes and ensure your care is delivering the results you really intend to provide?

Comment below with your favorite measures! ☺


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