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How many patients have you cared for with neck pain? Headache? Whiplash? Concussion? 

How many times have you been baffled by people who don’t respond as expected to your care? The ones who brace against you. Who keep backsliding or don’t hold adjustments. 

While caring for people who have neck pain and/or whiplash is usually pretty straightforward, there is an increasingly recognized but frequently missed condition that can occur.

Cerebellar Tonsillar Ectopia is seen in 1 in 4 people with neck pain and a history of whiplashRead that again.

Symptoms can range from intractable headache to a wide variety of neurological symptoms, including muscle weakness, dizziness, paresthesias, hypersensitivities, visual disturbance, memory loss, cardiac irregularities, and tinnitus.

Differential diagnoses include fibromyalgia, migraine headache, Lyme disease, and multiple sclerosis.

As chiropractors, we are uniquely qualified to address adverse mechanical forces directly impacting CNS function. 

You will learn:

✓  How to catch what most doctors miss (with better history, exam, imaging)

✓ Why standard medical treatment fails, and how you can be the best doctor for people suffering with CTE

✓ What to teach your patient to give them greater agency, get better results, and make your job way easier

✓  Updated fascial + cranial anatomy directly influencing the CNS

✓  How to use fascial work to reduce chronically elevated sympathetics (in just minutes) 

✓  Adjusting modifications to navigate bracing and get longer-lasting results

✓ Modified neuromobilization (why most common therapies are so damaging and how to do it better)

From Dr. Satya:

"To me, your success is personal. You will become a beacon of hope for people searching for answers."


What others have to say...

Dr. Satya has a wonderful ability to turn complex neurologically-based matters into not only easy to understand but highly applicable tools for chiropractors in practice. She is a wonderful presenter and educator. Her personal story of overcoming challenges by utilizing what she teaches is truly inspiring.

-Billy Chow, VP Australian Spinal Research Foundation

The impact she has had on my life and career is huge. Her seminar is the absolute best I’ve done. Dr. Satya is a bridge between science and healing, and I use what she taught me every time I’m with a patient.

-Lisa Young, DC

Dr. Satya is one of the most motivated and brilliant women in our profession. She successfully blends elements of research on anatomy and neurology, clinical experience, and personal experience in a way that brings power and immediate applicability to everything she does.


-Amy Haas, PhD, DC

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