The Story Behind Resilience Kitchen's Functional Comfort Food




 Most traditional comfort food comes with a hefty price tag on health. And trying to avoid pro-inflammatory foods like grains, sugar, dairy, and preservatives can leave you exasperated, wondering: what can I eat?!


When a health crisis forced Dr. Satya Sardonicus, founder of Resilience Kitchen, to drastically alter her own diet, she refused to eat packaged “healthy food” or resign herself to boring, limited, and tasteless food. So she embarked on a journey to create Functional Comfort Food that fuels your body + brain with nutrients while satisfying deep cravings. All gain, no pain!

After working with numerous clients through integrative health and specializing in chiropractic healing, she knew that food was an essential part of achieving true wellness. Resilience Kitchen was founded as a way to share the joy that comes from eating foods that activate every cell in your body.   

From your taste buds to your brain, every cell in your body will thank you.


All my love,

Dr. Satya