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Meet the Founder

Dr. Satya Sardonicus
Champion of Human Potential

Dr. Satya was raised in a family full of holistic healers who taught her to integrate principles of holistic nutrition and plant medicine (fun fact: she never had dairy, sugar, or white flour until age 12!) As a teenager, Dr. Satya trained as a raw living foods chef and instructor, and went on to work in various restaurants and retreat centers, catering, and as a private chef and chef instructor. More recently, Dr. Satya co-founded of a Latin American fusion restaurant in Portland, Oregon, where she developed plant-based alternatives for the traditional menu.

When a health crisis forced her to change her own diet, Dr. Satya adapted favorite recipes to go beyond simply "avoiding inflammatory foods" to satisfy cravings and curate an experience of deep joy. In her primary work as a Strategic Health Consultant, Dr. Satya incorporates holistic nutrition as an integral part of helping clients cultivate true health. She has been sharing recipes with her patients and clients for years to ensure nobody feels limited when removing harmful foods from their diet. 

Resilience Kitchen brings Dr. Satya's creative, nourishing, satisfying, delicious food to the greater community beyond the confines of her clinical practice so everyone can experience the profound impact of Functional Comfort Food. 

Functional Comfort Food has introduced a new sense of freedom to deeply enjoy foods that are harmonious with my health journey.
In addition to my own healing, I love being a part of bringing Resilience Kitchen to the community, and seeing the relief & happiness when others discover Dr. Satya's creations.

-  Audrey P, Resilience Kitchen sous-chef

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