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My cancer solution: part I

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Last week I shared the three main causes of stress overload (which is how I'm thinking about cancer development: as a local and systemic overload of stress):

  1. too many stressors and/or insufficient adaptability leading to central processing dysfunction

  2. brain-body communication problem

  3. resource insufficiency

Today I will dive into the first thing: too many stressors.

The total accumulation of stressors in our lives is referred to as allostatic load. You can think of it like a backpack full of rocks when you're trying to tread water. All the different kinds of stress are like rocks in that backpack, making it increasingly difficult to stay afloat. Usually when we think about stress, we go straight to 'emotional stress' but there are actually many more dimensions to consider in total allostatic load...

If part of the problem is too many stressors, of course my first question is...what are all the potential sources of stress where I could look? Here's the list I've come up with so far:

  • Mechanical alarm signals from physical stress to the body

  • Chemical stress signals

  • Electromagnetic Field (EMF) stress

  • Mental / emotional stress

Of mechanical sources, this could include:

- postural / ergonomic

- muscle tension

- fascial restriction

- DFKC (dural fascial kinetic chain) tension

- disc herniations

- joint subluxation

- and in my case, brain herniation (from multiple head traumas)

Chemical sources could include:

- water

- food

- air

- personal care products

EMF sources could include:

- electricity

- cell phone

- cell towers (near my house)

- bluetooth (in my car)

- wifi

- power lines

Mental/emotional sources could include:

- beliefs

- energetic / life force

- purpose

- emotions

- relationships

Once I thought about all the possible contributors to total allostatic load, I examined what is likely to be most relevant for myself, and then I went on to brainstorm possible ways to reduce those stressors.

We have a lot of talk about "lowering stress"...well, this is my best thinking on how to do this in a systematic and clear way :)

Have you ever tried looking at all the potential stressors in your life to reduce your total allostatic load?

Click here for the next post where I discuss increasing adaptability to stress (because it's not necessarily reasonable that our entire approach to stress management is simply's also crucial to build a bigger capacity for resilience!)

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