Strategic Stress Audit

This Strategic Stress Audit is the most comprehensive and individualized care plan available. Finally, no more conflicting advice and information from doctors.

Stop wasting time and money on appointments, therapies and other crutches. Get a clear plan of action to activate your body’s self-healing function. You’ll learn the action steps for how to self-heal and self-regulate based on where you are at right now. 


✓ A Comprehensive Assessment of what's in the way:
  • STRUCTURAL  (functional movement, fascial fluidity, ergonomics) 
    *includes x-ray and MRI review when available and relevant
  • NEUROLOGICAL  (brain balance and stress processing)
  • NUTRITIONAL  (dietary habits and supplementation)
  • ENERGETICS  (energetic system function | eastern medicine perspective)
✓ Identification of Top 3 Roadblocks to healing and what's accessible to address.
 Strategic Plan Outline to heal and optimize moving forward
  • Plan includes: root cause analysis, identified complicating factors, therapeutic steps to address (and in order)
  • Insight and resources for at-home care
  • Plus, recommendations for professional support (and when)

After checkout, watch your inbox to submit your health questionnaire and schedule your neurostructural testing session via zoom video call.

The following week, you will meet with Dr. Satya via zoom for a consultation to get your personalized plan to heal existing symptoms, identify where your body is struggling under the surface, and optimize your health from the inside out (includes recording + pdf report).

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