Reflections on pushing, rest, and my current fav life hack

Uncategorized Aug 24, 2020

Reflections on pushing, rest, and my current fav life hack

I've been immersed in editing videos from the last time I taught my signature Resilience Training™ workshop, and this gem really resonates with my current life situation. So I'm sharing it with you in case these words might be for you, too (I'm lookin' at you, my high achieving friends)

The longer you push, the more rest you need. And if you don't make the time, your body will take the time! It's remarkable how much easier life becomes when you let the swing go the other way sometimes.



* You'll hear me begin this clip with "Core Principle #4" - it's an excerpt from a discussion about the foundational principles of Fascial Flow Method™: the body-based brain-hacking exercises + strategies I designed to quickly and easily downshift from chaos / survival mode to calm / healing mode. Stay tuned for an online course I'm creating to share more of this work with you at home ;)


** Please forgive the difficult audio quality - such is life with live amateur recordings haha


Warmly, Dr Satya

Satya Sardonicus, DC, CACCP Champion of Human Potential Founder | Chrysalis Studio PDX



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