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I call this the "Save My Life Center" ! Dr. Satya is not only a talented and gifted doctor, she is also deeply caring and committed to the well-being of her clients. She addresses all aspects of health: physical, emotional, and spiritual. I have felt nurtured and empowered by her gifts of healing. There is something very special happening here, and it goes beyond words. This is what true healing is all about. I am deeply grateful.

Lynne Butler

real estate agent + gardener

Dr. Satya is the most amazing doctor I have ever met by far. She is incredibly knowledgeable, she also made me feel comfortable from the start with her warm heart. She is more than just a doctor to me. Dr. Satya has helped me recognize how powerful my body really is. With her help and guidance, I have relief from the sciatica in my lower back and leg, and I have also been able to get off the stomach medication that I had been dependent on for 12 years! Dr. Satya's support means I now have a better, healthier life. Love love love her!!! 

Maria Capellan

holistic health coach

Dr. Satya is a deeply sensitive individual, able to tune in to what is happening in her patient's body in a way I've rarely experienced. Her clinical competence is remarkable, and deeply informs her teaching style. She is so full of useful information that it practically seeps out of her pores, and her thoughtful intelligence permeates everything she does. It's really easy to feel confident doing what she recommends, because it's easy to trust that she has done the research.

Sam Zoranovich

chiropractor + posture wizard


I had suffered from near constant migraines, severe neck pain, vertigo, tremors, and tinnitus. Over the last few years, I saw countless doctors and specialists. Dr. Satya has been a godsend! Her accurate diagnosis finally gave me the explanation for my suffering! Since working with her, my life has changed dramatically. I sleep better, am more resilient when life is stressful, and am able to focus better at work. Dr. Satya has taught me how to lead a better life, and I'm now a happier person because of her care! She is a very special person who came into my life at just the right time to help me in so many ways. I am thankful every day for her care.

Lynn Brooks

business technology consultant

Before I met Dr. Satya, I always felt like there was something “wrong” with me or my body. After learning how the body can affect everything from mood to klutziness to general health and emotional wellness, I feel like I have a much better understanding of how I function and what I can do to help myself thrive. But more than that, I don’t feel like something is wrong with me anymore, I just look to the source of what might be causing an imbalance and then do something thoughtful to gently correct it. Personally, I admire Dr. Satya's energy and resilience and especially her resolve to thrive no matter what. She is bursting with life!

Amanda Sloane

body-based voice coach

Before finding Dr. Satya, my life as I had known it no longer existed. My days consisted of all I couldn't do: symptoms would flare and I had extreme pain doing anything more than walk, talk, sit, stand, and eat. I was told I was 100% permanently disabled with a progressive in jury that would only get worse.

Dr. Satya is very gifted: she is intuitive and skilled in many different techniques, beyond all the other doctors I've seen. She has given me hope and helped me to gain more improvement in one month than in the previous seventeen months.

I am truly blessed to have found her. To have such a wide range of skills and talent at such a young age is a rare gift indeed. 

Joanne Johnson

retired educator


The Talent of Satya is hard to find. As a retired holistic doctor, I am always looking for this form of healer, which she is. I have also had the privilege to know the healing skills of both her parents, and (as we hope for our future generations) she has taken their work to a new level of exquisite and dynamic simplicity, and the results are immediate.

Sweet Medicine Nation

founder | four winds foudation

Dr. Satya has been an invaluable resource, doctor, and friend to my family and I over the past several years. She has guided and helped us all become healthier versions of ourselves. I worked with her prior to, during, and after my pregnancy and have found it to be one of the best decisions I have ever made for my health.

Jennifer Coffin

promotional product consultant

Dr. Satya has a gift for seeing beyond the obvious exterior of things, which reveals great intuition. Thank you for sharing your passion about life, about health and about helping other people. Actually, helping people help themselves...I think that's the important difference between her and other doctors I've been to. She's really good at helping me to think about things from another angle, which has been of immense benefit to me.

Johanna Macaulay

NICU nurse

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